Did you know


It is free for your employee to take you to court

A tribunal is a legal process for an employee to claim that they had unfair treatment by their employer. Stress, fines and bad publicity are all potential outcomes. Wouldn't it be great to avoid this costly situation?  Employment law is constantly changing, it is a big task to be aware of everything, but that is what HR services are for. HRVitals can advise and support on how to protect you, the business and your employees.  


Employers have a legal duty to prevent stress

Employers have a legal duty to identify and reduce any areas of stress within the workplace.  Do you know how important it is to look after your employees? Different people value different things, and by identifying what is important to your employees - you can ensure you get the best from them.  HR Vitals can clarify the appropriate measures and actions. 


T&Cs of employment must be issued on day 1 of employment, not within two months

The law states that an employee must have their Main Terms of Employment on or before their first day of employment.

Failure to do so can cause unnecessary difficulties for you and the employee.

HR Vitals will assist you to provide the best structure for your employees and your company.