Why should I proofread?


As a business, you probably write thousands of words a day, whether they are in short emails, social media updates, letters, or you’re putting together a lengthier brochure or leaflet to hand out to your employees and customers. It’s so easy to make mistakes when writing, and they’re not always easy to spot. 

To make things more difficult, most built-in spellcheckers won’t pick up on things like the use of a wrong word or punctuation, an error in page numbering, or inconsistent formatting. It can also take a few readthroughs of a document to pick them all out, and that’s not something you always have time to do.

This is where a proofreader comes in. We are here to look at your document with a fresh pair of eyes, to remove those common basic errors involving grammar, punctuation and spelling, but also to consider the voice and tone of your copy, to improve its flow and readability, and to ensure that the format and writing style is consistent throughout. 

At HR Vitals, we always strive to provide the best service, and we believe that proofreading is an extra step that business owners sometimes forget to consider. With the amount of written content that you provide to your employees and potential customers, we feel that it is important to make sure that everything we send out is of first-class quality. 

A proofreader not only saves you time, but they also guarantee the best impression from those who are working with you.

Salary Assessment


 When you’re deciding on what amount to pay an employee, you probably want it to look good.

You want it to be an attractive figure, but you don’t want it to be too high or too low. So, you might compare it to what other owners tell you that they pay, you might look at similar job adverts, or you might simply Google "What is the average salary?". But how do you know if you are ‘on the money’?

At HR Vitals, we can calculate exactly what the pay should be.

Our calculations are based on education, experience, responsibility, level of independence and many other aspects. This is then compared to all employees in the United Kingdom.

We can help you do this with one phone call.

We can gather all of the information that we need, specific to each of your employees, your area, and the role that you are looking to recruit, and calculate exactly what the pay should be.

Why is this so good?

Because it allows you to be informed and competitive without compromising your business. If your employee asks for a pay rise, then you will know if this is reasonable or not. Estimating and guessing is a gamble, but being informed is a strong hand to play. It could literally save you hundreds of pounds a year. 


Telephone support

Telephone support

Telephone support


You can call us at your convenience; after a hard day, in the break from a meeting or whilst you are sat with an employee. Telephone support is not a subscription, you can use it as you wish.

Email support

Telephone support

Telephone support


You can send us an email with your request, and we will respond to advise you on the solution and provide you with the relevant documentation, tailored to your business. 


Telephone support

Legal Support


Sometimes, the answer cannot be found on a website or in a podcast. Talking is the best solution when you are stuck. Our coaching will provide you with clarity and drive, enabling your business to thrive.

Legal Support

Health and happiness

Legal Support


Accurate documentation is crucial to being compliant, but contracts and policies are also great tools to provide clear guidance and support in the workplace.

Health and happiness

Health and happiness

Health and happiness


Have you considered the happiness of your employees? What is their working life like? Do they feel good for working at your organisation? Happiness and wellbeing provides one of the biggest positive impacts on the success of a business.


Health and happiness

Health and happiness


You want to ensure that you attract the best people to your business.

This has to start with you.
We will help you to create bespoke advertising, recruitment and selection.